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Sites Like CouchTuner CouchTuner Alternatives – Hello, friends, today I am going to share some interesting things like best websites like CounchTuner for movies. This site is like a helping hand of the movie buffs. So, I will give you perfect information about these sites like couchtuner but for movies only and if you are an owner of iOS device than you might looking for terms like  sites like couchtuner for iPad or sites like couchtuner for iPhone.

Sites Like CouchTuner

Sites Like CouchTuner
Sites Like CouchTuner

There are so many plenty of sites like CouchTuner reddit, which are loved by movie lovers. For example, TV shows music, movie or documentaries. But there are various sites like CouchTuner and those sites has fulfilled all your needs in just one click. And, there are unlimited list of such sites where sites like couchtuner Yahoo Answers are the perfect source to get the list of sites like couchtuner reddit.

In this specific part, nowadays, I am listing arrange sites which are similar to CouchTuner so that you never get depressed of the enjoy and entertainment ever and people also asking one question that are sites like couchtuner legal or not, so YES, these are legal and you can watch movies on sites like for free.

Top 10 Best Sites Like CouchTuner

All these sites are work just like CouchTuner, so I think you don’t need to face any kind of problem in menu them. And, I hope you love this collection of Alternatives of CouchTuner and you would finally move on from CouchTuner now.

S. No. Sites NameSites Address
1The dare TV
3Series craving
4The Series Online
5Select TV
6Café Movie
9Watch Episode

Best CouchTuner Alternatives

  1. The dare TV


The first sites of this list like CouchTuner are The Dare TV. So, you don’t need to worried about name of this site because the site didn’t work like a suspense drama or something like that, it is up to you that how will be addictive you to this site.

This site provides you so great collection and database that it becomes strong to not get addicted to it. So, this is because I warned you to not involve into it too much.

The dare TV is completely based on a movie sites like CouchTuner but its main concentrate still remains upon TV shows. So this sites will help you to easily search your favorite movie here, this sites are totally free to use and does not requires any sign-up on it prior to the accessing.

However, if you want to visit update with TV schedule then you must get record on this site. You can choose your favorite class amongst TV shows and movies and then can browser whichever media file you want. This site is simple yet lovely site also has a database of live sports too.

The Dare TV is clearly a best place to browser all your favorite shows and movies.

Official Site:

  1. Cucirca


The second sites of this list are Cucirca. This site working like Couch Tuner which is totally and completely dedicated to TV shows only. I am really sorry for that! If you used this site then you don’t watch the movies, and this will be disappointing for you. But all the crazy soap opera fans because this site provides you all the episode of your favorite shows and you will miss even a single episode.

Now, let’s start talking about this site, and I will provide you information about how to use this site. Once you use this site you didn’t sign up because it’s does not necessary.

However, it is the best thing that you get yourself subscribe here, because this will be helps you that about the uploading of latest episodes. Although if you want to find any single show here but still you can request for a specific show and a specific episode too.

Sites like Couchtuner are perfect in keeping a vast database and Cucirca is one of the best sites. This site has unlimited TV shows collection which is impress you lot. The new show or the old one, you can search these unlimited shows here.

Official Website:

  1. Series craving

Series Craving
Series Craving

The third site of this list is series craving, this list of sites like CounchTuner. This site is completely based on huge collection of TV shows and TV series. If you want to watch the old show, then you will search here. So, now it’s time to revile your favorite shows that are not available now on this site.

Now, I am going to tell you about this site, this site is really best in terms of examine and looks. For your kind information all the TV shows are screen along with images so you do not get distracted at all.

Now, I am talking about database here, then I am damn sure that you will search every possible TV shows here. From the game of thrones to evergreen FRIEND, this site screens everything from old too new to very current.

This sites helps you to get a knowledge that what a specific episode of a show will be uploaded on site. This helps you that you don’t need to check again and again to find the more awaited episode. If you once start using this site, then you will never you to leave it.

Official Website:

  1. The Series Online


The forth site of this list is The Series Online; this site is one of the best list site like CouchTuner. There are very less people who knows one fact that, it has one of the biggest and premium databases for viewers who want to watch movies and TV shows both and we are happy to share this site with all of our audience who want site like CouchTuner.

There are so many sections where you can categories TV shows and movies as well as you can also find your favorites in this category.

If you comfortable to access the all TV shows and movies are indicated through images and not only words listings. This affords are make site much more interesting and attractive. If you using this site, then the registration is optional for you.

The Series Online is one of the awesome sites in the list like CounchTuner, if you want to watch Hollywood movie then this helps provides you easily. In this site there are various genres available for both movies and TV shows, you can better options.

Official Website:

  1. Select TV

Select TV
Select TV

The fifth sites of the list are Select TV; this site like CouchTuner. This site provides you a huge bunch of entertainment that you have all time searching. Now, let me just clear you that this site is not free to access but needs a mere amount of $2 per month to entertainment the specific service.

With select TV you can not only watch the TV shows but at the same time you can also watch movies, Radio channels, Events, Games etc. you can watch all these things very easily.

If you used this site, then you can sign up on this site which is compulsory for it. If you want to watch any kind of movie and shows, then it would in front of you in very few seconds. Once you used this site I am sure that you will love this site for sure.

There are like tons of channels that you access on this site. If you used this site, you will save huge amount of through this site. Just sign up on it and enjoy endless services.

Official Website:

  1. Café Movie


The sixth site of this list is café movie, this site is like CouchTuner. This site carries a huge amount of movie and good TV shows also. Once you used this site, then I am damn sure you are excited for get a more knowledge of this amazing site.

So, let me just introduce this site from that how awesome and interesting it is. If you use this site then I am sure you notice that the nature of this site is sorted so there is no scope for confusion at all. Once you used this site you will sign up on this site as it free and you will get necessary information too.

In this site you will see all your favorite TV shows which are to from different language. This site also features some amazing old classic movies. In this also there are various genres and year which is help you to refine the searching in the great way.

Official Website:

  1. TubiTV

Tubi TV
Tubi TV

Website: The seventh site of this list is TubiTV which is worked like CounchTuner.  You have no idea how best this site. This site provides you unlimited entertainment that you cannot even imagine. TubeiTv is one of the best sites which are worked like CouchTuner in this list.

This site is like a huge package of movies and TV shows and many more entertaining TV shows peacefully. If you want to use this site than you can registered on this site which is absolutely free of cost.

The TubiTv has its own application for Android and iOS device. And, in fact you glad to know that this single site which is provides you so many interesting features. This site is completely free to access and you can watch as many movies and other media files as you want.

Tubitv is one of those sites which registration is compulsory and only after doing, the Tubitv is one of those sites like ChouchTuner. This site is 100% safe to use and you would not be facing any malware in it.

Official Website:

  1. ProjectFreeTv


This is eight site of this list which is only provides you TV shows only. This site is works as an other sites like CouchTuner.  The Project Free TV does not provide any kind of content or streaming links for the movies on its site. This site provide streaming link limited for the TV shows only.

Now, I am going to talking about this site, Project Free TV still providing very less amount of stuff then other similar sites in this yawner. So, this site does not promote any image and hence the way of presenting the content sticks on links only.

However, the Project Free TV has database which are provide is really good and vast. This remunerate for its elderly looks. Now, I am talking about the categorization then I am sorry, because no genres are providing to bifurcate the TV shows. But, if you used this site then you will get trendy and very current uploaded categories.

Project Free TV works as mediator between movie lovers and Third party media streamers. That means very less amount of content available on this site and all the streaming videos arrive from Third party sources. This site is correct source to watch your best chosen TV shows easily.

Official Website:

  1. Watch Episode

Watch Episode
Watch Episode

The night site of this list is Watch Episode, this site provides you best shows like “from the Walking dead to Game of thrones”, and I am very well knowing that this is heaven for TV shows lovers. If you used this site, then you don’t need to sign up on this site. Because, on this site there is not a compulsory and you can simply and easily stream the TV shows without even sign up on this site.

The watch episode site is in the list of sites like CouchTuner, and I will give you the best categories in this list. But the watch episode didn’t provide something new which can excite the viewers. However, this site is very well maintained, and allows ease to accessing to it.

There is a one section which is named Top 10. This section is only feature on the basis of top shows. If you are addicted to watch best TV shows, then this section might work for you.

If you used those sites like CouchTuner, then its helps you that it will gives you really old and classic TV shows on them. In fact, these sites uploaded daily basis old shows, are as old as 1960s. This site is addicted you to love those sites for old classic TV shows.

Official Website:

  1. CMoviesHD

cmovies HD
cmovies HD

This is the last site of this list like CouchTuner is Cmovieshd. This site might have heard less but maintained so well. And, I am damn sure that once you are used this site then you will addict to it once start browsing media files from this sites.

You don’t worry about the name of this site, because this site not only features movies but very popular shows too.  This means browsing this site is twice the fun. In this site there is not even single latest movie that has been uploaded to this site yet.

In this site there are many varieties of genres like action, comedy, family, crime, biography etc. In fact, there are some also 18+ contents too on this site.

This place is good for you, for grow your movie and television love at.

Official Website:

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We hope that we fulfill your movie needs with these sites like CouchTuner. There are very few people who can afford movie streaming services like Netflix, HULU, and Amazon Prime. Because we need some free movies streaming sites like CouchTuner, so we thought that we should share some amazing free movie streaming services like CouchTuner.

So we hope that you like this article on Sites like CouchTuner where you have so many options to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Best Free Movie Streaming Services 2018 edition.

If you have any query, feedback or question then you can drop your queries in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with your query answer.

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