Best Alternatives of for 2020 was the platform for those people who are looking to watch movies and video with their friends and family together. But in July 2019, stopped their service and changed their name from Kast. It is also a similar platform like

If you are still looking out for other more resources like for watching movies or videos in groups then here in this article we are going to share List of best Alternatives of for 2020. So, for those who are searching sites like, This is the best place where they can find many other sites like

Why choose Alternatives?

Before a few months, had moved their platform to another one. Because of its attractive features, sharing the screen is very most popular among the people. So many people are looking for the platform from which they can watch movies, videos and games with their friends and family on the same platform. So, it is more required to find the alternatives of the for 2020.

List of Best Alternatives of for 2020

Now we are going to see a detailed list of Alternatives of the for 2020.

  1. Mycircle TV

Mycircle TV is one of the best alternatives of the Rabbit. If you like to see the videos in the group, then this will be the best choice of anyone. Here you can create your personal chat room and start watching video by doing audio chat, video chat and texting with your friends. Well it has good interference and is very user friendly. It’s completely free and you can upload video anytime and share it to chatrooms. Invite anyone by just one link. No registration is required to upload the video. Here you can directly fetch the video from 3 major platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, And SoundCloud. Also, they allow the video link from


  • Watching with your friends while chatting
  • Web-application for watching video with your loved ones at same time same platform
  • Watch YouTube and twitch video together
  • Stream your content with your group.
  • View sync video all together with friends
  1. Watch2Gather

Watch2gether is another best platform for those who are looking to share the content with their loved ones and watch them altogether.  It has the best user interface and easy to use website. Just you have to follow the 3-step process to share your content and watch them with anyone.

  • Create a personalized and fee room
  • Share the invitation link to with whom you want to make join with your content.
  • And Watch2gether videos, music and shopping in-sync with all of them in the room at same time.


  • It has synchronized player for movies and music both
  • Do Texting and Video Chatting while watching Video with your friends.
  • Browse content from the Best video Platform such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud etc.
  • Make shopping from amazon along with your friends.
  • Create a playlist of your favourite content and share in your Room where all your friends are invited.
  • Webcam is supported with this website
  1. RAVE

Rave is the perfect option for those who want to share their content online with their loved ones. It is web-based software as well as it is available to download for Android and iOS both. Now create your Watch party with rave DJ which is another part of the


  • You are Allowed to Do Text Message or Talk over VoIP while watching a movie.
  • Create a big sound speaker by connecting more mobile devices and sync songs to make a huge sound.
  • Create a Channel and host a watch party tonight.
  • Fetch video from YouTube, Vimeo, And Netflix and Store your Content on Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Share a link and Invite at the One Place to gather all people.
  1. Kosmi

Kosmi is the world’s largest media playing and sharing website. It is the most preferable website for those who are looking to arrange the movie watching party. Here you can arrange any meeting, Deal, share your presentation etc. All these things can be done online through this web-based software.


  • Create a Virtual Room and invite your personalized people.
  • Join the NES party and play a game with your friends or any other online players as well.
  • Create a Texas Holdem poker table and invite your friends to play with you.
  • Open a virtual Card table and play any card game which can be played with a standard card deck with your friend along with Live video streaming so you can directly talk to each other.
  • Start Crowatch by uploading your local videos from your device to watch them together with your friends and family.
  1. Kast

If you are really looking for the perfect alternative of the then Kast will be the best option. Because Kast is the upgraded version of the They have stopped their service on in July 2019 and shifted to the Kast. It is a perfect site like


  • Kast anything like Movies, TV Shows and Games with more than 100 people at once.
  • It is applicable for real time video sharing and capturing the screen along with video chatting.
  • Kast premium has ads free experience with a lot more stuff.
  • Host your favourite TV Channel and invite your friends
  • Kast your game play with your friend to make competition harder.
  1. Airtime

Airtime also falls into this list of Best alternatives of It has many features are similar to Airtime allows you to create or join movie party with your loved ones. If you love to invite your friends and family member at the same place and same time to watch your personalized video then Airtime is the best platform.


  • Gather more than 100+ members into the same platform.
  • Comes to change us from antisocial to Social people.
  • Create a well-defined togetherness of the people who liked you by spending time while watching a movie and sharing music with each other.
  • You will be available with an Animated sticker to enhance and fill the joy into the Live video chatting while meeting people into the room of the watch party.
  • Express yourself with the most fashionable and best video sharing platform with your friends in real time.

Final Verdicts: was the one of the best and oldest platforms which enables everyone to create a watch party in real time. After it shut down, many people are looking for its alternative and so many other sites like and best alternatives of the are available in the market as of now. So, we hope you have got enough information about a few of Alternatives of the All the websites which we have mentioned here are free to use. But if in case of going to premium version you will need to purchase by spending money.

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